Winter in New England

(Feb.20th 2004)
Great to finally have the newlywed Alken’s in New Jersey - it was good fun and they impressed us with their ability to cover most of the Midwest and the entire Mormon region in just 10 days.
“If there was a Mount Rushmore for globetrotters, their faces would definitely be on it…”
We already look forward to having you back in our New England residence.

Damn… suddenly it was Christmas and New Year. Again it came as a huge and scary surprise - before we realized what had snook up on us, the party was over. The only highlight was that Supriya and Abhi gave us the pleasure of their company and made us relax and feel comfortable for a few days. New Year's was spent apartment hunting in Connecticut - 50 prospects were checked out before we decided on a 6 month temporary apartment in downtown New Haven.

It is now February and we have just moved into our new apartment in the Yale campus. New Haven is a disparate mix of great historical Victorian architecture surrounded by impassive and quickly erected monster concrete facilities, again encircled by a growing pharmaceutical industry. Anyway… our little apartment, is in a cozy and beautiful neighborhood and so far everything is great here. I am confident that we will get to love it as much as Hoboken.

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Hot, humid  and eventful

(Aug. 31st 2003)
Danish visitors, terror evacuation, the earthquake and the Blackout, well... we are definitely not bored :)
The Pedersens (Line, Tine, Emil and Per) take Manhattan at it's warmest, 105 degree Farenheit. But that didn't stop the vacation ready Danes.
A complete collection of Manhattan sights, the LEGO office, Washington D.C., Niagara falls and a water theme park. All in 3 weeks.
In summary; 3 states in the US and 1 in Canada, not bad at all. It was good to see them all again. The unnecessary terror evacuation allowed me to spend an extra day sightseeing with them.
The 24 hour North American "Blackout" makes you realize how dependent you are on electricity. It was quite an experience, but New Yorkers took it in stride. For us, hmmm... well, a 2 hour walk to Port Authority, 1 hour drive through the Lincoln tunnel and then a 2 hour walk again. The good thing was that we could skip exercising for a week.
"Unfortunately" only the cats had the pleasure of the Hoboken earthquake, measured to 3.8 on the Richter scale. Anyway nothing got damaged and it never became more that a rumble in the ground. Quite an eventful summer.
Now we are getting ready to recieve the newlyweds from Frederiksberg.

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(Apr. 13th 2003)
My favorite season and we're laid up with the flu, a much looked forward to long hot and sunny Easter weekend and we are really ill. I am just so very pleased that I did not have to waste any working hours of this unproductive matter. Dr. Daniel just couldn't get enough of it- not 1 or 2 but a whole 3 rounds of the vicious virus.
Anyway.. we are both looking forward to seeing Rasmus and Karina. They arrive in early June, and it is always fun to have great friends around so we used the opportunity to take some time off and see the city and not to forget Puerto Rican Day Parade.
Unfortunately the photo documentation from the P.R.D.P. is rated-R and, therefore, cannot be shown here.
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Park Ave.  Hoboken

(Feb. 2nd 2003)
The Danish furniture arrived safely- only 9 days late. Put together it almost occopies 30% of the living room :)
So the echo echo is loud and clear.
The Ithaca interior needs to be packed, stacked and racked so after a few loooong nights at Coddington Rd. we look forward to battling it out with the few hundred highway exits on the way to NYC.

The exits did not give in without a decent fight, and I guess we all learned a bit about the American highways.
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(Jan 13th 2003)
It was a cold arrival to NYC- very very cold actually so cold that even the Danes were wearing Siberian head warmers. The only one freezing more than me is my camera, which refuses to function outdoors.
Danish time is still in my body, and that blesses me with the pleasure of sitting in the window and watching Manhattan wake up.
Manhattan is beautiful dressed in its thick white winter coat, and from my window I can follow the small ice breakers lonely struggle for a sail route on the Hudson River.

Luckly there is no time for outdoor activities, so the American bureaucracy can get my full and concentrated attention, and that is needed now.

The big highlight is that our apartment is ready, and just waiting for us to come and heat it up.
Lets see what the move from Ithaca will bring, i.e., besides 2 cats.
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