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New England

Feb. 20th 04 Mormons, Christmas relaxation and New Havens disparate mix of historical greatness and industrial wasteland.      Images
Manhattan  ...Moments

Aug. 31st 03 Danish visitors, terror evacuation, an earthquake and the Blackout, oh no, we are not bored!

April 13th 03 My favorite season (spring) starts and the flu hits us- a long hot and Easter weekend and we are stuck inside.

Feb. 2nd 03The Danish furniture arrived safely but 9 days late. All together and well arranged it almost occopy 30% of the living room :)
Jan 13th 03 It was a cold arrival in New York- very very cold, actually so cold that even the Danes wear Siberian head warmers. The only thing that's more frozen than me is my camera.

What, where    ...and when


En bette smule paa Dansk om de goe gamle rejser, lidt og dykning, trekking og Singapore, Malaysia, Borneo, Sipadan, Mexico, Trinidad & Tobago